Thursday, September 5, 2013

Threading my way

I was feeling {extremely} guilty when I started to list all of my works in progress (WIP's) on a tracking list I started.
I have a few projects ready to go.

~5 quilt tops with backings ready to go
~5 quilt tops with no backings
~8 with all or nearly all the blocks for a quilt top assembly (with no backings)
~4 others in progress waiting to have some attention.


The first step was batting. I posted about the bolt I got here.

Okay how about backings.  Yep got some solids to get this covered.  I posted bout that here.

What was stopping me...ohhh - of course ... thread!

#aurifil in the house. So many praises to Follow That Thread for the amazing prices and shipping. Look I got a box to boot. PS- FtT site has an extra gem that matches kona solids with aurifil colors.

As you know I'm an Aurifil girl.
My Bernina and my Pfaff both love it.

I happened to run out of brown when I was quilting up something
for my mother.
{Hi MOM}

I had to order some more brown.. and while I was at it I {cough} happened to buy more.

These are the last piece to give me noooooo excuses to finish these WIP's up.

I have many praises to Follow that Thread.  Oh and there is an extra on her page that matches the thread colors with kona solids {score}.


  1. Uh huh, so 14 extra spools just fell into your cart... ;o)

    1. Yes!

      No, I actually pulled out all my WIPS and busted out a color card. I now have all the colors I need to finish every current WIP in the house. So you'll be seeing more finishes. . promise promise


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