Friday, November 29, 2013

Reviews pending for Craftsy

I love to learn.
The Internet is just so fantastic as there is so many free things out there. There are moments when I go and purchase things for convince.
This is why I have Craftsy
I know there are other sites out there but I'm all about this one.
It's a one-stop shop for me.

I've {cough} purchased a few of these classes and was going to take advantage of the super sale going on now.  This usually happens this time of year. :)

I've purchased a few so-so classes so I'm a little gun shy even with a super sale going on.  Money is money people. :)

Being on the awesome Internet I started searching for reviews and was in awe!

I've super appreciated the candor of people and thought I would start reviewing some classes myself that may help some others along the way. 

I've started a new page of all the classes I own {hanging head in shame}!

But it's a reference when I complete reviews.  You can find my Craftsy Class Reviews here

I've noted the Shanna's must haves already.

*Yes these are affiliate links, but all opinions and recommendations are my own*

I hope to populate all of these by the end of 2014.  Whoop!


  1. See, I've bought plenty of the classes, but only actually watched one *ahem*

  2. I've also bought a bunch of classes but only actually started one. Oh wait, two.
    Anyway, the links on the page you made aren't working right. :(

  3. Oh, its good to see I am not alone. I have many classes and I do enjoy watching them.

  4. I think once you do review you should remove the "review pending" as it is confusing... but it is a great idea :)


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