Friday, December 27, 2013

2014 ALYoF is coming right up - eeep

A Lovely Year of Finishes
2014 edition
That's right the fantastic Melissa has agreed to put up with me for a whole new year.  She is so amazing.
We are soooo happy to be doing this again this year.  And make sure to check out our sponsors.  I'm again bummed we don't get a large portion of the prizes. :)


There are some ground rules.

This is a sewing and crafting link-up.  Although it would be awesome for cooking or millionaire making. . that's just no who we are. :)

  • Be nice.  We love the encouragement that is in this community.  Just keep it going.

  • To win a prize you'll choose one month to work in.  Add in a photo or a blog post during the goal setting linky. Work on that project & finish it to where you stated you would get to. Add a new photo or blog post during the finishes party linky.

  • For your goal post, if you could pick one project that as your ALYoF goal.  That makes it easier on us.  And if it's easier on us, it's easier for us to give you a prize if you've been chosen. And to that end if you can help by linking back to your goal setting post as well.   

What is a project?  There were {cough} many months that I had to repeat my goals the next month and I'm the co-leader!! There is no shame in not meeting a goal.  You just aren't in the running for a prize that month.  But hey, try again another month!

A finish is whatever YOU choose.  Seriously it could be cutting out all the pieces for a fantastic quilt-top. Getting the last 2 blocks done for a quilt top {cough - I have 3 of these projects}.  Your goal could be getting your lingering bee blocks into a quilt top {cough - I have 6 of these projects}. Binding, quilting, or something else crafty.  This isn't a finish a quilt a month club this is a you're awesome and you can do it club.  One piece at a time baby! Celebrate you're small finishes and I bet you'll finish more.

  • We want to encourage you to visit one another and leave comments.  This is what makes us all so much better. 

Please grab our button over to the left
to keep the love going

 or the specific blog post to show off the month you're working on.


Remember there is a flickr group
facebook group
& A hashtag #ALYoF for instagram or twitter


I made awesome progress this year, that I can't wait to show you all.

But I'm so enjoying the inspiration of the finishes I see. I admit that my 'want to do' list grows as I see what you all finish.

I'm planning on making 2014 a longer list of finishes. 


As always if you have any questions drop a comment or an email.  Between Melissa and I we usually have some ideas or suggestions.

Can't wait to start off 2014, oh wait I need to go pick a January goal. 

See you all soon!


  1. Yay, I'm trying to think of my goal for both this and Q1 of the FAL

  2. I've got 5 quilts that need done for special occasions so that dictates almost half the year! Thanks for steering me straight and Happy New Year


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