Monday, March 3, 2014

Craftsy Review: Sewing with Knits

Super excited to review the craftsy classes I've bought or have in my profile. You can see the summary of classes I've reviewed here, Craftsy Class Review

In this post, I'll review Sewing with Knits
with Meg McElwee from Sew Liberated

What I learned - How not to be afraid of knits! This class was a reminder to not be afraid of new techniques.  There were a few items that I didn't have but I got them and yippee.  I've used Meg's technique to fix a few knits tops - that counts right?  This class of one of 2 knit classes I've taken . . and both of them make me super confident. 

Teacher - Meg McElwee is great. I had a hard time as she at times seemed to be talking slowly but she had so much great information.  I think Meg is engaging super knowledgeable with this topic. And she is entertaining to watch.

But here's my newest trick. The speed of the playback!  I have to say that this is my new best friend.  I want to get through some of the lessons with speed and well this does it!

Dear @becraftsy I LOVE the different speeds for playback on my classes!

Class Content - this is for multiple ideas for knit garments.  It doesn't feel like a lot of options until you look at it from the whole class.  I'm super excited to try all these out.  Although I have had to do some playback a few times over.   The techniques Meg presented are helpful.

Rating - Blah - So So - Like - Love this class.

I solidly like this class. The techniques are something that I may try when I want to sew with knits. If you want to sew clothing, especially knits, I would recommend this class. I bought this class while it was on sale and for that quality for the price I paid is great.  I would buy this again. 

For some reason it's taken me forever to get through this class.  I'm so happy to have these classes just wait for me until I remember or need some techniques. I'll be watching this again at 2 times the speed baby!


To see more of the classes I have reviewed visit the reference page I've created, Craftsy Class Review.

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  1. I still struggle with knits. I'll have to check this class out.

  2. Hmm, not sure that slow talking wouldn't drive me up the wall!


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