Sunday, July 13, 2014

July travels week 1

A quick hello.

Thanks everyone for being understanding about last month's ALYoF prizes.  We'll post about those in the next few days.  It doesn't happen often that both Melissa and I are gone at the same time :)

I was in Indiana for a vacay with my family.  I don't get to visit my sister often.

My sister was so great and we did so much.

On the first day I was there she took me to the awesome store Crimson Tate.
OMG they are wonderful!!!!

I had an amazing time at #crimsontate and @ crimsontate and @crimsontavid were so helpful.  I'm setup to be the best auntie ever by making pillowcases.

I met Heather and David.  They put up with us including two - 6&7 year olds.

I learned my niece loves Lotta Jansdotter as much as I do...she'll be seeing some Glimma love for the holiday I'm sure.

Since a quilt couldn't be 'made in 2 days' as my niece imagined, I zipped up these 4 pillowcases for all 3 kids and my sister.

#crimsontate  helped make me the best auntie eva.  4 pillowcases done!

Everyone got to pick their favorite print and then my niece helped color coordinate them with solids.  She already has an eye for color as you can tell. And it didn't hurt she's the one that picked out the Tula fabric.

And I even had the kids 'sew' with know by pushing the peddle. No fingers were even hurt. Phew.


I also got to see my niece in the pinafore I made with the imagine gnats pattern.


We were sooo busy.  We picked out and cut out a dress for my sister, saw a few movies, painted nails, made loom bracelets, went to the zoo, and topped it off with a girls day pedicure.

Girl day

I love my sister and so happy I could made these memories with the kids.

So I'm off again to Portland.
Maybe I'll go to a few stores but I'll be happily working on my July ALYoF goal of finishing hand stitching binding down.



  1. It looks like you have a fabulous time. So glad you got to spend time with family. Your niece is adorable!

  2. With all that going on I can't imagine why you didn't finish a quilt in 2 days ;o) Glad you had fun anyway!

  3. I'm so glad you got to have some sister time!!! Your niece will be quilting in no time!

  4. Sounds like you had a great time visiting family. I think you'll make a little designer and sewer (that looks so wrong!) out of your niece!


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