Thursday, October 16, 2014

September Winners ~ A Lovely Year of Finishes

Hip Hip Hooray

It's fall here in the pacific northwest. Eastern Oregon has had some rain and it's just lovely.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

This month is yet again super busy for Melissa and I. Thanks for everyone for being awesomesauce and understanding.  We have 2 people just for this reason and well we both are busy.  Who would have thought.

So let's get to winners...we all love winners.

These are only possible from our amazing sponsors

Here is the list of winners for September! Thanks to our sponsors!

1. 2. Honey, Bunny and Doll – 2 Patterns

Honey, Bunny, and Doll

Barb - Paint Creek Quilt 
Bee - Buzzing Around 

3. Sew BitterSweet Designs  one pdf pattern

Jennie - Jennie's Threads

4. One pdf pattern from  Sew Sweetness

Sew Sweetness

Pauline - Quilt-n-Queen 

5. Green Fairy Quilts – 3 pdf patterns

6. 1 Charm pack or $10.00 gift certificate to

Helby - Helby's Hatch

7. $30.00 credit towards Long Arm Quilting Services
from by Orchid Owl Quilts


Shauna - Shauna's World

8. Thread Prize from Aurifil

Carol - Ladybugs Quilting Challenges

9. Thimblepie’s Quilt Supplies - Custom fabric package, 4 yards (worth $20) plus free shipping

Denise - 

10. 11. One pdf Pattern from Clover and Violet


Kell - Flickr
Heather - A Reformed Heath'n

12. PDF Pattern from Katy - The Littlest Thistle

The Littlest Thistle -

Carole - Fresh Off The Frame

13. PDF Pattern from Persimon Dreams


Celine - Espritpatch 

14. One PDF Pattern from Meadow Mist Designs

 Meadow Mist Designs Button

Katie - Good Golly Ginger


Happy quilting my dears!

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  1. HeyO! Thanks to you and Melissa for organizing everything AND for keeping me motivated to finish my projects! Plus, I won a prize to top things off!!! Thanks for that, too! :-)


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