Thursday, February 12, 2015

January 2015 Winners ~ A Lovely Year of Finishes

I do hope that the Super Flu is avoiding your part of the world. 

It's taken me and my family down...but we have a comforter and lots of fluids to help us recover.

My fella and I have been super sick. Hoping that better feeling finds me soon.

While there is not much sewing going on here...let's celebrate with our winners and thank our sponsors who make our little goals a little easier to accomplish.


Our list of winners for January: 

1. PDF Pattern from Katy - The Littlest Thistle

The Littlest Thistle -

2.  Green Fairy Quilts – 3 pdf patterns

Andrea - Flickr

3. Sew BitterSweet Designs  one pdf pattern
4. One pdf Pattern from Clover and Violet

5. PDF Pattern from Persimon Dreams


Melissa - Melia Mae Quilting

6. $15 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop

7. One Charm pack or $10.00 gift certificate to

Julie - That's Sew Julie

8. One PDF Pattern from Meadow Mist Designs

Meadow Mist Designs Button

Becky - Flickr

9. One pdf pattern from  Sew Sweetness

 Sew Sweetness

Melinda - MekiQuilts

10. Honey, Bunny and Doll – 1 pdf Pattern

Mina - Kinda Quilty

11 Thimblepie's Quilt Supplies - Custom fabric package, 3 yards plus free shipping anywhere 


Remember to click on a few other's links and give people some love.

And if you know my track record...if you can't finish in time, try again!  :)  It's a whole new month in a bit here.

Just keep Stitching


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  1. Feel better. Congrats to the winners, it's fun to see so many familiar names.


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