Saturday, September 12, 2015

When you don't sew at take a trip - across the country apparently

It's happening #gosewmostar
A few weeks ago, I jumped on a plane and met total strangers.  

Yep - something I would NEVER let my daughter do yet I did that exact thing.

Well it all started with bread.  We seriously have some amazing quilters and people around.  Em  and I have been sewing together for a LONG time.

One day she posted about bread on Instagram and the rest is history.
My life has been forever changed. I šŸ˜ bread

I went on a quilting retreat with some quilty friends to the adorable town of Hamilton, Missouri.
Yes I flew to a whole other state to quilt.

We went to the retreat center for the Missouri Quilt Star Company.
And it was lovely.
They have transformed this small town into a quilters dream.

An entire main street of quilting stores!

So we happen to be there while it wasn't "too" muggy the ladies were telling me.

We were able to not only shop but to enjoy a tractor parade....seriously a tractor parade!

A quilt retreat wouldn't be complete without a tractor parade.  #gosewmostar

Thankfully I was able to watch from the inside of the quilting retreat building.
Me SPOILED....nah!

So excited to be packed and ready to jump on a plane to see some virtual friends for #gosewmostar thanks to @fairlymerry for the amazingly written pattern that I'm using some C&T on. Whoopa.So yes...I haven't been quilting but I was planning just ONE project.  Since I had to pack light.  Pfft!

My lovely Fairly Merry had this pattern just published with Alison Glass.

And if you know me I ADORE triangles.

And flying geese {with bloc_locs these are the BOMB}


Look at how much I got done!  I love quilting!

So loving my #gosewmostar and I got out of my box and used some background that I normally would never use. #flightpathquilt #flightpathpattern

Hamilton + Hank an Tank BBQ .... yummy. Lowell smell as good as his food. #gosewmostarTalking about drool we were able to take in some local cuisine.

Hank and Tank BBQ was seriously yummy. Being from the west coast..I know that I need more BBQ in my life.

Oh and Lowell smell as good as his food - just saying.

I am more than lucky to be able to sew with some amazing people.  Go check out our hashtag on Instagram for more #gosewmostar photos and memories.

The #gosewmostar weekend might be over but will not be forgotten.    My awesome fabric from @chrissyort as she was so appreciative of her weekend from @kakiofhoneyhill.  And my pin cushion from @reneselt   A sneaky @justjillquilts added a gifty in my carr

I love sewing with my people!  

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  1. What a special treat. Good for you spending time with your people!


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