Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 is a whole new quilting adventure

Burn 2016 BURN


What a year.  I'm in awe I made it this far.

So it's been a bumpy year for me.  I have focused on my job and myself a lot.  All good things.

Life has felt like it's been punching left and right.  And I'm just again learning to roll with the punches.

Not always so grand at it...but I'm trying.

Check out my #2016bestnine

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I nearly forgot that I had such a lovely year...but I did.

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Next year is gonna be lovely!  Because I'm using all that I've learned in 2016 and gonna take 2017 and make it through the WHOLE year....

I am so excited that Quilting Jetgirl is doing a goals linky.
I'm adding my own goals to this.

2017 while it's gonna be a roller-coaster ride...I'm going to remember the long haul.

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  • Tackle some of my Works in Progress (WIP's) so I can eventually purchase some yummy new fabric.
  • Use the positive to heal - and heal I shall. 

Yeah for a clean start....

I adore that we can cheer each other on. Check out the other quilters unite as we plan away 2017.

2017 Planning Party

Here's to a whole new year!!

Quilt on Lovelies

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  1. I have seen that many people are resonating with the idea of tackling WIPs and UFOs in 2017, so I think you will find a lot of community support for that effort. Thank you so much for sharing your goals and linking up. I wish you a creative and fulfilling 2017 and Happy New Year!


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