Friday, June 24, 2011

Mid-Point June 11 Bee Blocks

Well these are what I have so far.  There are a few more to do but here we go!

Cream and Cotton asked for Starburst blocks a la Film in the Fridge! This most awesome tutorial
This was something else to try and it will test your 'eye-ing' the 1/4" 

This is a great group.  It's a 6-month group with 12 gals.  It's two blocks a month.

 I've only finished one block.[dreamfctry] requested lovely wonky stars.  
I think I got my wonk on.  These gals are teaching me for sure!

Our Queen Bee asked for these awesome zig zag pattern
This is learning again - read read triple check.  I think I cut these blocks too small.  It's kinda hard to un-cut these once you start.  So I just rolled.  I can SO see why she chose these!
This just a few of the blocks.  I just have to make the rest of them . . yeah for weekends!


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