Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What they don't tell you about being a Queen Bee


All I have is corny musical tidbits in my head today . . . what's up with that? 

This morning it was Julie Andrews rendition of 'getting to know you. . getting to know all about you' as I'm trying to encourage conversations in my bee's I'm hosting.

And then later it was the tune from one of the 007 'secret agent man' when talking about a password protected post, Jenna talks about it here

But, right now for this post it's Mel Brooks proclaiming 'It's GOOD to be King' (From History of the World, Part I)

Well it IS good to be Queen Bee but it does come with some responsibility. Pfft what a dirty word. 

So beeing Queen Bee . . takes a lot
  • Planning what you want made
  • Having enough fabric
  • Cutting fabric
  • Organizing fabric
  • Making piles of fabric
  • Fretting about fabric piles and changing your mind
  • Going and buying fabric at a craft store instead of the LQS because it's too far away and you need these out the door tomorrow instead of later in the week
  • Undoing fabric piles. Replacing some 'crappy' fabric with the fabric you just bought
  • Oh and because you can see the piles again you freak out and put in more fabric for variety for your bee-mates
  • Folding the outrageous amounts of fabric into small enough rectangles to place in a sandwich size closeable bag
  • Finding pre-bought envelopes - I bought these just for my bee's
  • Find my bee-mates address (again)
  • Realizing not only you have to put their address on the packages but mine too
  • Finding decent sized labels to place inside the package for my bee-mates so my fabrics + blocks make their way home. This has made it So much easier for me . . so why not extend the love.
  • Folding instructions and placing  the self-addressed labels  into the folded packet (you know around 12:15 a.m. when you gotta work the next day)
  • Shoving all these items into the small envelope (lesson learned - bigger envelopes next time)
  • Writing on the outside flap of the envelopes which bee this is for (some of us *like me* are in multiple bee's)
  • Off to the post office to mail the envelopes only to find they have to be a different postal class because they are a wee bit thicker than a "regular" envelope (again lesson learned - bigger envelopes next time).
  • Forgetting to include something about a siggy block - no worries I'll do something like Lindsey posted about self created labels.
  • Fretting about the color choices - yes after I mailed these buggers
  • Worried the free-form instructions won't be accepted by my bee-mates

    Well it's done.  :)  Letting it go.  July will be an "off" for me (in this bee).  I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. I'll be stalking the photos in the Twice as Nice bee flickr group.


    1. You made me laugh, it's a good story and I am betting its true too.

    2. That Julie Andrews song has been suck in my head since I read the thread you put up! I've been wondering where I picked it up from lol

    3. You've just exhausted me (and gotten about three songs stuck in my head!)

    4. Woo Hoo that is a lot of work and a lot accomplished! :) Can't wait to see what they make for you.


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