Monday, August 1, 2011

Halfway done before it even starts

So apparently being late with a few bee blocks in June flowing over into July and even hyper boosting me into August.  It's helped that 4 amazing gals get me their fabrics even before August started.  And I got to it. . yeah!

I finished a few blocks and a few cute things on the side.

Both this bee's gals sent their packages!

August - Aqua and RedAugust - Aqua and RedFirst Jacque requested a mixture of smaller wonky stars.  The packages came all prepared with no guesses.  There are the two blocks I made for her.  

I really enjoyed making smaller than I'm used to blocks. 

August - Aqua and Red

Second guiltyquilter wanted some grand flying geese.  I so keenly started cutting into the fabric without thinking.  Le'sigh.  Thankfully I had some matching white fabric. 

I whipped this up and I always use scraps to keep the chain piecing going on my machine.  

August - Aqua and RedSo why not just make another matching block.. . :)

This bee has the most talkative gals I've seen.  They are super sweet.   This month, Grendelskin, requested for our hive to work on a Happy Zombie block from the Quiltmakers 100 quilt blocks Volume 2 #115.  
August - Orange You Glad

Thankfully my girlfriend came over for a quilt day when I broke out this block.  She was completing her Geese in the Park quilt top from Freckled Whimsy. She talked me through the no waste flying geese blocks that I didn't see the included instructions for until the block was done.  

A lovely quick and easy block.

August - Sew Modern Quilt Bee
August - Sew Modern Quilt BeeAugust - Sew Modern Quilt Bee
I also got to make My Fabric Obsession her blocks for the month. She has a great tute for this as well.  These were super fun! 

Here again I made a mini block from the scraps.

August - Sew Modern Quilt Bee
These are some seriously adorable blocks!  I so can't wait to see this finished.

I even dove into one of my own projects before the weekend was over.  But alas Monday is here again.We'll see what I can get done this week.

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  1. Great blocks and I love your minis! The Fabric Obsession blocks - neat colors!

  2. wow, you've been busy! I love the blocks for me, thanks so much. And that mini block is too much - that's teeny weeny! :)
    Love those flying geese too, very cool!

  3. You were busy! Great flying geese.

  4. Oh, love the flying geese block!

  5. So pretty!! You make me want to join a bee! :)

  6. I really like those blocks for My Fabric Obsession! So cute!

  7. Love your mini blocks. Super cute! :)

  8. I love your fg block, it's so well done! and the string blocks are fantastic! you were super productive this weekend. well done :) you rock!

  9. Love all your blocks! How do you find such great quilting bees to join?

  10. Great bee blocks! Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a great weekend!


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