Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mid-Summer 2011 Summer Projects Check-in and WIP Wednesday 8.10.11

Did I say that I love lists?
Yep - love them.
I had to resist some awesome fun things going on around me.  Although throw a bee at me, mug rug swap, or another bloody QAL - and I'm in.

Right - where was I . . . 
yes - lists rock!  

 I made this list while it didn't feel like summer.  That was a whole 3 months ago. . pfft.  At the time these felt like very reasonable goals.  Especially when I don't have my 11-year old stepdaughter and I have all the time in the world.
I did join in Fairy face Design's Summer Sewing Plans.
I posted about it HERE
FairyFace Designs
Here's a recap of how I've progressed through my list:

1. Dresden Plate fabric for bee.  Uhhh not sure right now.

2. Finish {Modern 12} quilt top. . nope still hanging on my design board

3. Sliced Coins QAL quilt top .. nope still in a neat cute pile

4. Knitted sweater for a gf's baby girl. . . no but I've looked at it a few times.

5. Summer top for me. . nope

6. PJ Pants for fella. . lalalala I can't hear you.  {That's a no}

Ice Cream Dress Back7. Summer Dress for gf's baby girl . . YES!  See my previous posts here or here
Ohhhh Pretty dress!


8. Postage Stamp Quilt. . don't even want to see this
September - Aqua and Red test block

9. Choose blocks for my remaining bee's.  YES!  I've done most of this. 

I even whipped up a test block for a bee next month.

10. Birdie Sling .. sigh - no

Blocks for "baby" quilt

11. Baby quilt . . no but I got 2 blocks worked on.  Yippee!

Wow. . well for only 11 things I've not touched as many as I hoped just 3 months ago.  But this list is grand and does remind me of my WIP's.

How are your summer plans going?

I'm adding this blog post the lovely Lee's WIP Wednesday
Go check out the other amazing things happening
around the craft world.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. The blocks for the baby quilt are so nice...just love the colors!

  2. I love lists too! You're getting there. It's more important to do what makes you happy than to do a project because its on a list.

    That being said, it's Sarah's list and Sarah rocks.

  3. Ha! This looks like all the lists I make! Sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach (or whatever the equivalent saying would be...)

  4. LOVE that test block- it's terrific :)!!

  5. Your baby quilt blocks are adorable! I have a couple of Hunky Dory UFOs around. Maybe I should add another!

  6. You gave yourself homework . . . ha ha ha ha!

  7. Ooh I love those last 2 blocks, the green and floral. That is going to be gorgeous! (I'm your newest follower/subscriber) :-)


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