Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sew.Happy.Quilt QAL Blocks 1&2

Jenna posted her tutorials up for Sew.Happy.Quilt Quilt Along.  Photos immediately started showing up.  And I couldn't wait to break into my fabrics I picked out.

Blocks 1 & 2 tutorials are posted with amazing instruction along with photos are found.  I love being able to work off of photos!

Here are my two blocks.

Woven Woven

Snowball Snowball

My fella is drawn to the snowball block.  This would be a lovely {easy} quilt all on it's own!  

I'm so happy for Sew.Happy.Geek! These are the first time I got to sew these blocks.  I love it.

I have these hanging on my design wall in my sewing room.  They are so bright and cheery this is going to be fun to make this whole sampler quilt!

Check out Jenna by clicking the button.  Or the flickr group (70 people strong) found here.


Tonight I really need to work on some other blocks that have deadlines coming up soon.  Lalalalala!
What are you working on?



  1. Great blocks!! I do love this QAL but have so many projects to do just now I'm not joining in. They look brilliant so I might have to do it in the future! I really love the woven block :)

  2. They are lovely...and the second would make an amazing quilt! I wanted to try a snowball quilt...on the todo list. =) Thanks for sharing with us...and I love the knitting needles in your siggy!

  3. Hey! I'm doing that too! I love your colors. I was just going to use a set o fabrics I had lying around, but now I want to mix it up and choose fabrics from different lines!!

  4. I just cut my coloured fabric, and I'm waiting for the starch to dry on my backing fabric, so hopefully I'll get to mine tomorrow night (and just for the heck of it, I cut some of the same fabric for a Japanese x and + block too)


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