Saturday, April 20, 2013

Slowly falling behind

Small things really.

It takes a few colds to run through my house.

A few hick-ups with the teenager.
{I should expect this but it still is something I'm learning through}

Lots of travel for work.

The small thing of Google Reader dying.
I'm personally stuck and feel like flinging myself on the ground and throwing a major tantrum   If only those Google overlords {term borrowed from Sew Happy Geek} would NOT take away a service I so faithfully and lovingly used.

The spring cleaning bug hitting both my fella and I.
Like moving my entire fabric stash to one area.

Moving my entire fabric stash to one location #toomuchwork #ratherbequilting

I really has all been a test of perseverance.

All of these things has thrown me off the blogging horse.

Thankfully I have been sewing a bit.

MSM3 - now what kind of quilting

I've found it's been a bit difficult to say within the positive.
And ohhh life is good!
So I'm choosing to keep it that way.

I just  mailed off  the March #ALYoF winnings that some of our fantastic sponsors sent directly to me.

I  have a giveaway that I have in the works, maybe that will match up with the Sew Mama Sew May giveaway day

I'm still posting to my Facebook page
I've claimed my blog over at bloglovin'

I'm still here. 


  1. Good to know! I've had a hard time recently too so I know the feeling! Your sewing looks beautiful!

  2. Like my mom always says to me when things get a little tough... "Like isn't perfect a lot of the time, but it sure beats the alternative!" :-). The block looks amazing!

  3. "Miserable being likes other miserable being, then... he is happy." So said the Russian hound in Lady and the Tramp. That is my lame explanation for enjoying your blog. I am not really miserable, nor are you, but all the parts of our busy lives sometimes run away with us. Glad to hear your family is top priority. Love your multi-star. Spring is busy! Take care, and keep making time for yourself. xo

  4. So glad you are still here! Now it is time for everyone to get healthy!

  5. Sometimes these things happen, but hey, the world won't end if you haven't blogged, so take all the time you need to get better and spring clean :o)

  6. I think it is way better to take the time you need and keep your posts interesting and engaging rather than rush through something just to "get it out there". Take your time, we'll be here when you get back!

  7. Take all the time you need.This block looks awesome!!

  8. The block is beautiful. I just stopped scrolling and looked at it with enjoyment for a while. I'm going to paraphrase a quote here-Life is like an old time rail journey. It's uncomfortable, full of bumps and cinders in the eye. Interspersed occasionally with bursts of splendid vistas. And moments of perfect happiness :). Just know that you're a great person who does a lot of good in the world and for your family.

  9. Hang in there buddy! Spring is super busy no matter what. I'm doing less and less sewing as the days get longer too :-).

  10. Beautiful block! Hope you are feeling better now!


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