Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Sewing

It's the time of year for quilt shows and art exhibits. 

This is the first year that I've felt as if I am experienced enough to submit anything. . and here I am empty handed as all the items I make and finish go out the door. 

I'm not complaining at ALL!  I find it hilarious to me that now that I'm finishing things (partly because of Melissa and our fantastic group of #ALYoF peeps) none of them stay with me. 

I feel a little like my grandmama. 
She was crazy talented but she always had a line of people looking for her items. It's all love.

Since December I have been talking about making a purse for my sister-in-law.  I have had the material cut out since February but it just takes me awhile to find a block of time to "want" to work on a project like this. I rather sew HST's or make quick blocks for a random project. 

Go Go anywhere bag <3

I finally stitched this up when my fella was doing his coupon shopping {it takes hours}.

Do you see what I {eventually } saw? I stitched the handles on WRONG!  Doh. I chose to cut them and put in a bit of the taupe as an accent piece instead of turning the entire thing inside out again

I call it improvising instead of pure laziness!

I am in love with the Go Anywhere Bag by Noodlehead

I gave this to the SIL before more photos were taken.  She said she loved it. . this is a much better size than the 241 tote in my opinion. I'll be making more for sure.

What are you all working on this weekend?

I'm thinking of doing some items that are on deadline but also thinking of just baking instead.♥

Remember that the April Finishes party is going on now til April 30.


A whole new month of goals will be starting May 1.
As of right now, I'm at a loss of what I should put on my get-it-done list.
Okay I have a few ideas.


  1. Heh, most of mine go out the door too, although I had a bunch of things come back to me this week and now I'm all like 'so NOW what do I do with them?!'

    Anywho, love the bag, even with the dodgy handles ;o)

  2. It's really pretty! I'm working on bee blocks :)

  3. Still a pretty pretty bag! She has the best patterns. I feel strange working on something for myself - like do I have TIME to just make something for me? Never! I am going to clean my sewing room today! Uggghhhh it is a disaster, can't find anything or find things I lost 2 months ago.

  4. Love this! Such great fabric choices, too. The bottom looks lace-y from afar ;) Might have to try this one out!

  5. OH, how pretty! I was just thinking that I needed a new purse... I may have to check that pattern out! Great job! I once had someone ask me to put on handles that way instead of the "traditional" way... you just never know...


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