Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blocks vs Bloglovin'

I've been working on my lovely Simply Color
hourglass blocks.

As alway..my projects are a wee bit bigger than I anticipate. I love me some Simply Color by V & CoThis pattern is inspired by the lovely craftytammie

I started this as it would be "so easy"
And now it's a smidgen of a chore.
{It could be I've expanded the pattern to use every last hourglass block}

So I'm plodding along.
I'm pretty proud the sewing of the 4 patch "blocks". 86% of the centers match up like a dream and the other's aren't enough to bother with.

Precision in trimming and finding my 1/4" sewing line makes such a difference!


Sooooo, during my Sew Mama Sew giveaway that was so successful I asked a question regarding how people read blogs. 

I love the responses and had the idea to create a pie or line chart of the data.

First off, I spent at least 20 minutes trying to remember how to graph data.  I was nearly in tears as years ago this is ALL I DID! How such a simple thing can fall out of the back of my head was just astonishing.  This whole getting older business is terrible!

Second, I just couldn't get through all the responses.  It was just too much for me to get through- I would rather be sewing my hourglass blocks. :)

What I did learn is that many people are adjusting to the changes being forced upon us by the google overlords and now the  flickr overlords. 
{phrase from Sew Happy Geek}

The vast majority of people are going over to bloglovin' for their reading pleasure. 
I am too.

So let me share a few items I've figured out about this bloglovin' thing:

Good: - you can place blogs into categories!  I don't know if I could have done this in Google Reader but I've transferred many of my blogs into categories such as "Power Bloggers", "Foodie", "Mommy mainly"

So-So: Well every time I wanted to visit a blog I got this *cursing* frame on the top. 
The fix is found in settings.

I've changed the above setting and I'm not angry every time I click to a blog.

The other so-so is the daily emails.  I want these but at the same time I don't.  I won't change this option but usually just trash these things. It is an okay reminder to go and check out my peeps :)

Bad: Bloglovin' only keeps blogs for 2 weeks, unless you like them. Sadly this is not enough time for meeee. 

And there are these "featured posts" that are annoying!
{I sent a request to get rid of these things}

And I can't seem to search for keywords in the blogs I follow.

And I can't seem to re-arrange these to read from the oldest to the newest.

As you can tell I need to spend more time with this bloglovin' thing.

All in all it's nice to have a reader.  I'll be looking into an ipad as there seems to be a super cool application on that.  Oh darn another toy :)

Well off to sew some hourglass blocks.  See you on the other side.


  1. I love your hourglass block quilt. It is very cute! The hourglass block is one of my favorite blocks to make!!!

  2. Gorgeous hour glass blocks! My bug bear with bloglovin is I can't delete old posts I've not had time to read without marking all as read!

  3. I've been going up the down elevator by using feedly rather than bloglovin' and I like it quite a bit. (You can do the categories thing, I haven't had issues with weird frames or anything and you can opt out of featured articles, but I MISS the 'next' function from Reader.) The issue with it right now is that it piggy-backs off Google Reader. They're working on their own... whatever to make it keep running, but as far as I know, they haven't switched - what if they're not ready when dooms day comes? It's an option, anyway, and the site somehow bothers me less than Bloglovin' does (though I couldn't say why).

  4. Oh, I didn't know that about the two week thing. That's not enough time for me either.

    Cute blocks though. Even if they are a chore.

  5. Oh thank you thank you for showing me how to get rid of those cursed frames! The two week thing I don't understand... I haven't ever "liked" a blog by pressing a particular button or anything. Weird...

  6. I LOVE your hourglass blocks!! So so so pretty =D
    I couldn't get into Bloglovin, so I went with Feedly. I really like it :) I found it much more user friendly than Bloglovin!

  7. Cannot wait to see your finish with these blocks. I too got a little in the chore category with hour glass blocks...it's like they aren't fun after 190 right? They get better when sewn together though and make a great quilt! I use feedly and have no complaints...it is hard to change though :)

  8. I use Feedly on my phone, and I kinda like it more than Bloglovin, but Bloglovin is for the home computer. I'm getting slightly annoyed at the emails, and then I have to spend a day going through (like now) and going through and deleting them.

    Love your simple blocks - those like a 4 patch are nice to go back to now and again. Very colorful and fun!

  9. I use Feedly and I don't have any 2 week rule...Feedly also brought over ever save post I had from Google reader.

    That being said, the hour glass quilt is perfect!!


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