Saturday, June 29, 2013

I need goals - my June ALYoF project complete

A Lovely Year of FinishesI over think a lot of my projects. But I do love them when they are done!

I may start too many other projects before I'm "done" with others. :)  Yeah for many works in progress.

Today I finished my A Lovely Year of Finishes #ALYoF May & June project.

Yes the same project two months in a row. :)

There you have it my May/June A Lovely Year of Finish goal is complete #ALYoF  Now I can schedule the longarm rental. No way am I taking this on work my home machine

I really do love how these clothes have turned into something more than just squares.  
The next step is to set-up a time to long-arm this beauty!

This above is the back and I finished the front back in ohhhh March.

March ALYoF finish

Yeah for a finishes!
I have to admit procrastinating on this goal has allowed me to finish other fantastic projects.
Avoiding is a lot more work than just putting myself to the task at hand!

You still have time to complete your June #ALYoF link-up, link up with me HERE.  
This one is open till Sunday, June 30 at midnight PST.

{And we start all over again on Monday - so think on what you want to finish in July}


  1. This has been wonderful for getting some of those projects out and finished.

  2. I started in June setting project goals. My problem is the same, I might finish 1 project, but I have added a handful more!

  3. I always seem to start 5 more before i finish with one, too. But that makes the creative process fun. Great finish. I really love that back!

  4. Congrats on another finish!!! I can't seem to stop starting new projects either =P This seems to be an issue for lots of us!!


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