Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Birthdays just Rock

This year with so much going on, good and not so good.

It was nice to have my birthday on a holiday weekend and all I wanted was to be home to relax. 
I got this and more!
I was spoiled by my fella with a birthday dinner, movies and shows, and pampering.

I had so many people with me a great day that helped me fell  the love .  I got a few gifties too :)

Like this box from Craftsy!

A box from @becraftsy they must know it's my birthday ♡

It was a nice surprise for sure.


The best gift I got was time!
And ohhhhh baby did I use that time!


I finished up the binding on my mom's quilt.  I'll post about this on Saturday after she has it in her hot hands.


I finished up my 4x5 bee blocks.  

#4x5bee done. I do need to make 1 more for myself but that can wait :)

These are due today...so it's a good thing I got these finished :)

I like the way my sketch turned out and how very different it can look with fabric choices.


My fella cleaned the kitchen floor.  So I basting quilts on the linoleum.

I think I like it, here is the proof...

Here's #1: 

Basted a quilt, pattern by Sew Happy Geek very happy with using the kitchen floor.

From a layer cake.  Square it Up pattern by Sew Happy Geek



Why not baste a second quilt while its all clean. My Sew Happy Quilt along by Sew Happy Geek and @sewbittersweetdesigns.  Center block is a pattern/qal by @happyquiltingmc

This one is from the Sew.Happy.Quilt ~ QAL from the two talented ladies, Melissa at Sew BitterSweet Designs and Jenna at Sew Happy Geek.   And I threw in a center block from the Starburst QAL from Melissa at Happy Quilting


And why not round it out with #3

Third basted quilt this long weekend.  Yep I'm whooped.

This one is from a workshop that I took from ps I quilt
It's called skedaddle.
Rachel said that this is in the works of becoming a pattern so keep an eye out.


Why stop there with the weekend love?!

I made up these two bindings!

Tonight my logic = if I make the binding the quit must finish itself faster

I have a few more to go ... but not too shabby!


And how about starting 2 new projects!  

These both are nearly 90% cut out.

Accomplishment number 300 for this weekend have 90% of 2 quilts in progress cut out. I may have started these this weekend.

I have the top portion of the above photo, a Metro Rings (by Sew Kind of Wonderful)  in Kate Spain - In From the Cold.... a holiday quilt.  I'm nearly in shock at myself! But this was so easy to cut out! No really!

The other new project, on the bottom right portion of the photo, is for my step-daughters favorite teacher.  It's all cut out and will slowly come to life.  HST's a way less exciting than curves even with a bloc_loc rulers :) Still I'm excited to have this one done as it's awesome colors!! It will be hard to send to it's way to it's eventual home I'm SURE!


I even did some household chores and even slept!  

I haven't done so much in a weekend in a long time!  I'm pretty sure this means that this year is gonna ROCK!

Yeah for feeling good!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


  1. What a productive weekend! Pretty projects. Happy belated birthday!

  2. Great photos! Looks like you had a very Happy Birthday :-)

  3. You've been so busy!! What a lot of gorgeous quilts and those blocks are beautiful. Happy belated birthday!

  4. Sounds like a really awesome birthday and yeah for hubby what a sweetie!

  5. Awesome work!! I love all your quilts. Especially that last one. I did the sew happy quilt quilt along too and just finished my quilt up a couple months ago.

  6. Yay for lots and lots of projects!

  7. Wowzer! so many tasks completed. I love that quilt from your class - skedaddle. I know you do because it is HST.

  8. Sounds like a fantastic birthday! Yah for getting sooo much accomplished!

  9. Happy Belated birthday and yay for such a productive weekend :-)

  10. Wow I did a whole lot of nothing compared to that...! ha Happy belated Birthday!


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