Thursday, September 11, 2014

Catching the Starburst on Camera

I've taken on extra duties during my day job.  It's thrilling actually and getting so much out of it.

Sadly my blog and my sewing time has been cut into.

It doesn't help that sometimes my OH SO organized self gets in the way. I am an organized person but sometimes, as anyone, I lose things.  

I finally found a quilt I made for my lovely friend.  She's so wonderful and she may be moving..maybe :)

Thankfully she hasn't escaped before giving her this little wall hanging.

Mini for C front

Quilt Stats:

Name: Catching the Starburst on Camera
Size: approx. 20" x 20"
Fabrics:  Stash fabrics + Birthday FQ from Solar Threads
Pattern:  March Starburst from Canoe Ridge Creations
Quilting: Machine quilted by me on my Pfaff Performance 2058
Started : June 2013
Completed: July 2013 

Yes, maybe it's been over a year since I made it.
Yes, maybe it's been lost the month after I made it.

But she loved it.  So do I.  
I adore the variegated thread throughout.
I adore the straight line quilting.
I adore the scrappy border.
And that the fabric was a gifty from my amazing friend, just down the road, Solar Threads.

Mini for C back

The back is cute too my photo may have detailed too much of the white...eeep.

Yeah for finished projects!


  1. Well done! Glad you finished it!

  2. Lost but found is better than gone forever. I misplaced my new walking foot and finally stumbled across it by accident - now I can learn how to use it. Pretty quilt and a lovely gift.


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