Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vintage clothes a few times over

Over two years ago my fella and I were in a bind, as life goes. 

I had a great high school girlfriend that offered to employ my new crafty ways.

She sent me a box of clothing that I oh SO remember her wearing.

I had so much prep learning how to sew with non-cotton material.

Come up with ideas of how to make this into a memory quilt without it being so ...traditional.

This is what I came up with.

Sending away this beauty tomorrow.   Thanks to @orchidowlquilts for the amazing quilting.

Name: A memory of vintage 
Size: approx. 60" x 66"
Fabrics:  Vintage clothing from a high school friend and solids
Pattern:  My own design
Quilting: Longarm quilting by Orchid Owl Quilts
Started : August 2012
Completed: September 2014

Memory quilt...kinda


The only deal that I made for myself when I got this task is that I was only going to work on this when I could pour love into it.  I didn't want to be guilty stitching or be angry with it in any way.

March #ALYoF goal - just the quilt top

Yes it took me 2 years..but it's pure love.

#ALYoF  now this is progress! Thanks @craftymamad for the help!

This is right when Melissa and I started up 'A Lovely Year of Finishes

March ALYoF finish

this was my goal for many many months.

even the back was a goal!

There you have it my May/June A Lovely Year of Finish goal is complete #ALYoF  Now I can schedule the longarm rental. No way am I taking this on with my home machine

I was a wee bit paralyzed by the quilting on this.

So I sent this away to Orchid Owl Quilts and I got back a goldmine!!

Stitches away from finishing my missed #ALYoF

I even tacked down the binding by hand...seriously a ton of love.

I learned I'm not a commission kinda gal...but that didn't stop the joy it was to work on this quilt.


I am SO sad it had to go away.
I might have already sent Vicki of Orchid Owl Quilts a quilt that will live on my bed.  No more sending away all the good stuff.


  1. That is fabulous and the quilting is also beautiful.

  2. This is pure loveliness. I can feel the love pouring through every stitch. What a beautiful, meaningful keepsake!

  3. That is awesome! Great job and I more sending away. :)

  4. An excellent design solution, and WOW, the quilting takes it to another level! Congrats on a sentimental and beautiful finish.

  5. It's gorgeous, glad you could finish it :o)

  6. What a beautiful memory of days gone by!!! Love the way you pieced it and the quilting is fabulous!!! It is obviously filled with love!


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