Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Design Walls

Oh I'm sooooo happy.  
I have finally invested in a design wall - okay walls.  

Add 2 sheets 1.5 inch sheet insulation

+ batting  {yes it's been here 
awhile and the cat LOVES it}

+ tools

Mix with time

Viola Design Wall

I was so pleased while I was finishing my second wall I was seeing this.


  1. I love your design wall but I love the blocks on it more!
    Have you noticed cats have an affinity with new fabric? they can hear it calling to them to come and sit on it from a mile away!

  2. How great! Oh how I wish I had one...

  3. You inspire me...I have a piece of flannel pinned up on my wall! :) and riley, my cat that looks like yours, loves to jump up and bat things around that I put on it!!! Your photograph is beautiful! I think you will do well taking pics of your quilts!!


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