Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer Sewing Plans

During the new year I missed the new year resolution quilt blogging bandwagon.  I did start to track my stash building adventures {it feels more like a weekly confessional} Now that my stash is oh SO lovely and I want some motivation to get things finished since I'm good at starting projects.

My 11-year old step-daughter works very well with the daily chore list and our monthly family calendar.  I may have had a hand in her working off of lists {for my own sanity}. It's so nice to know what is expected of all of us ahead of time and not just rely on what we think we have stored in our memories.  Yeah there have been a few fights about what we "remember" happening, saying, or commitments we might have entered into.

Wait what was I doing. . . sorry for the diversion into my step-mom issues.

Lists, yes lists.

So over at Fairy Face Designs Sarah is hosting a summer sewing plans list.    I'm a new-ish follower of Sarah's and will be gladly adding a list of what I wish to accomplish.  I love accountability!

Works in Progress (WIP)

1. Postage Stamp
2. Gift for GF
3. Arcadia quilt
4.  Sliced Coins Quilt {kinda a WIP - I have the fabric chosen}
5. Cat quilt
6. Knitted sweater for 18 month old

Projects in the Wings - these are projects that I dream of, but I'm not sure when I'll start these

1. Single Girl Quilt - I'm hoping this will be out of Denyse Schmidt fabrics.   I "need" 31 fabrics and only have 5.
2. Dresden Plate
3. Heather Ross quilt
4. Sherbet Pips something
5. Central Park something

2011 Summer Sewing Plans

This is the list that I hope to accomplish by August 31.

1. Choose and cut fabrics for Dresden quilt {maybe a bee block?} Since I LOVED Lindsey's block that I finished here.
2. Finish top for quilt for nephew - this has been greatly helped by the {Modern 12} gals.  These are the blocks that I have to-date.
3. Sliced Coins quilt top - since I have everything for this YUMMY quilt I would like to have the top finished.  It's these fabrics with a to die for purple.

4. Knitted sweater for friends little girl - it's purple! It's a bit farther along than this photo. 

5. Summer top for me - no photo here because who knows what this might be.

6. PJ pants for fella - I've chosen a lovely chocolate brown.  Cuz he loves chocolate and for my first pants I'll use something that isn't precious.  Oh and he really wants me to do this for months now.  :)

7. Summer dress for friends little girl (I just got an Oliver + S pattern)

8. Postage Stamp quilt top DONE {dreading this one} I have 30-something of these puppies make up. . UGH. 

9. Choose all my blocks for the remaining 5 (yes FIVE) on-line quilt bee's I'm participating in {Threadheads, Aqua and Orange, Aqua & Red, Sew Modern Quilt Bee, Twice as Nice} This means pick out the fabric AND prepare it to send out.  Yeee Haaaw

10. Birdie Sling {I already have the fabrics for this one too!}
11. Finish the blocks from this "baby" quilt. I have everything cut for this beauty. 

Okay 11 things. . I can SO do this!  As Sarah said, a mid-summer check-in will happen around June.  Whoop!

**Edit** For the summer I've made a page (upper tab of my blog) to track this list.


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  1. Wow, you have a lot going on there, can't wait to see how your projects turn out. I'll be interested to see what the Oliver + S pattern is like to work with, I've been very tempted to buy one a few times! Thanks for linking up :-)


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