Monday, May 9, 2011

SpRiNg CiTRuS sURpRisE sWAp!! blocks - sending out

Apparently I function on deadlines.  I want to be ahead of deadlines. I seem to find myself behind too many times this last 5 months.  But pressure is good.  

This is the group of blocks that I'll be sending out for the SpRiNg CiTRuS sURpRisE sWAp!! the flickr group is full of pretty blocks. . go check it out. 

Here are my favorites.

I like how the strips work in this.  I'll do this again for sure. 

An hourglass that I've wanted to try.

Wonky Star. . in green of course.

I like this one too. Interesting look. 

This one I think is my top favorite! Makes me think of summer.  But it's spring.

These are the blocks that I'm sending out.  I'm excited to see what I get back.

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