Sunday, July 3, 2011

Like mother like daughter

My mother.  She's trying to make me feel bad - I'm sure.  I've visited her over the weekend and she has 3 quilt tops to show and tell.

I can't wait to see these lovely tops done, but she'll quilt them an then I'll put the binding on. 

I always talk about not my mother's fabric.  These aren't my color choices but ohhh these are soooooo lovely!

This one is a wall hanging size. Not only is this adorable made out of a few charm packs, it's also her own pattern. 
I have so much to learn!

This qult is from the book I first stole was gifted from my mother.  It's called Pandora's Box.  I adore this pattern!  I'll be making a few of these up myself.
See the background.  They live on a small farm near a river - such a hard life I'm telling ya! Oh and the garden they have. Sigh!

The third quilt is a lovely one she's calling Rails and Stars.  It's has a rail fence and flying geese.  YUM!
Looks like starts from afar.  That's awesome!  She'll add a purple and gold boarder.  I think it's gonna be perfect!
So not only am I challenged to finish some of my tops but finish them.  I can't let me own MOTHER beat me!  

 Oh and look at this photo. . my wonderful fella always dealing with my whims.  Yep honey hold this. . while it's windy! Oh be careful.. . there are a few pins in there.


  1. So great that you and your mom share quilting. Love that pandora's box! And your fella is sweet to always hold the quilts. What they do for love. :)

  2. There's something to be said for seeing how other people make color/pattern combos. When I've worked with kids and dye, I'm always amazed at how beautiful their color combos are and how I'd NEVER imagine putting some of them together. Lovely quilt tops!

  3. I wish wish wish my mum quilted, she just "borrows" mine once they are finished!

  4. Your mom has the color combination that my grandma loves that I personally find revolting. I'm just not an autumn person. I am laughing at Phil's picture too. :-)


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