Saturday, July 9, 2011

No really it's June

Last month was full of traveling and I got behind in a few of my bee blocks.
Some of these were giving me a hard time.
I did prevail! And finished all my June lingering blocks up today!  


Our lovely LemondropDezign wanted a traditional block
June - {Modern 12}
Easy. . right.   WRONG!  I was getting myself in a tizzy over the different sized squares you cut.

I first came up with this block. 
It's around 12" unfinished 
Yet the instructions are for a 12.5" block.  Sigh!

June - {Modern 12}My second attempt was much better.  This one is 12.5" square but just barely.  If I have time tomorrow I'll whip out another one and see how that goes.

This makes me wonder how faithful of a Farmers Wife I would be.

I need to think about this more - although I did buy the book the other week.

Aqua and Red Bee

Another block that I tried too hard at first was this awesome kaleidoscope quilt block.

This was seriously a lot of fun

I had to get over the fact you have to use larger pieces.  I had about 5 pieces in a ROW that I cut too small or almost fit and I had to rip out.  I put this block down many days in a row.  But look at how it came out. . I'm so happy!
I hope FQNB that is too.  Despite my tardiness.

June - Red and Aqua

Sew Modern Quilt Bee

Oh yeah and then I finished up some wonky quarter log cabin blocks
These were fun to work on for the wonderful Issabella the Cat
{if you haven't seen her blog yet  . . . go seriously some amazing work!}

June - Sew Modern BeeSo these two blocks finished up to be 15.5" blocks.  Seriously I never knew they would be so larger.

For being a scientist, I just laugh at myself.  Distance, measurements, and conversions are not my strong points.

June - Sew Modern Bee

I particularly like this blue block.  YUM!

I don't have any of these fabric lines.  I've got to play with them twice now.  I'm happy I get to see how they go together.

So now that June is officially over for me, I can get to the piles of July fabrics hanging on my design walls.  No photo of this. . it's embarrassing how many projects for others and myself I got going on.

Stashtacular! starts on  Monday and not a moment too soon.  Go check out the details (lots o' giveaways involved!)


  1. I'm lurrrving my blocks honey! They are super cool :) Thank you sooooo much!
    Gimme a shout if you want to play with some more soul blossom, him in doors doesn't know but I bought rather a lot of it so have some to spare :)

  2. I love all of these!!! You did such a great job. I'd love to give all these ago...eventually!

  3. Why is it that every time I dismiss some block or other, like the snail block, as too traditional for me to like you always make one that looks really, really good? And it makes me want to make a block now? You're like an advert for quilting!

  4. Your blocks are awesome! Suddenly everything I've made seems so boring!

  5. I'm so impressed! Especially the snail one. Looks tricky! Also wondering, how do you get the wonky strips in the quarter cabin to line up? Trying to puzzle that one out.....


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