Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fabric first and then I'm joining Stashtacular

What a lovely way to start the long holiday weekend.  I got my haircut, got to visit with some great friends, get to visit family, and a few fabric store visits to start it all off.  Whoop whoop! 

I love looking at these pieces.

The cute novelty prints are lacking in my stash. These are small cuts . .  I see them being somehow involved a few mug rugs.

I'm not sure if my any Pay It Forward giveaway winner gals are into primary colors - but I sure am.

The Kona grey is new too.  I sent that out in my bee packages to my Twice as Nice bee-mates.

 I'm entering into a retro green phase again.  I la-la-love these!
 I got the yummy vintage looking pattern (3rd from the left) for a backing to a lap-quilt maybe even for something larger (insert super sale). I've been second guessing using it for backing since Wonderfully Awkward posted a pillowcase tutorial.  I so want to make this sometime soon!

Oh look, over there, more Urban Chicks. Do I use this as a cheater fabric, cut it up into the squares, or use it in a pattern as is.  Ohhh the options.

I got 90% of these on sales.

I'm starting to dabble in embroidery and hand quilting.  So I got some perle cotton.  To add to my purples from overseas. 

I see these guys all I hear is the Justin Timberlake song. . .
I'm Bringing Sexy Back - yeah!

Oh and I have to say, these match perfectly with the colors I have picked out. I love when a plan comes together!

So I have so much fabric, fabric to sew with, fabric for back quilts, fabric for clothing, fabric for uhh lots of things.  My wonderful fella asked me last night while being subjected to show and tell - 'Why Fabric'?  Oh my precious wonderful man.  

What to do next? 
I do have to finish some bee blocks (ugh I'm behind in June)

But really, I need to sew from this lovely stash. 
What am I gonna do?  I'm needing help.
Jenna from Sew Happy Geek & other's are hosting something I'm desperately in need of.


So I'm in!
After I redeem a Groupon I have with WhipStitch.  I bought that way back - so it doesn't count.  RIGHT! :)

Oh and there are atrociously large giveaway's involved with this fabric diet Stashtacular event. Who can ask for more, you don't buy AND you can win some in the process.  Oh what smart gals there are in the bloggy world.


  1. I can't wait to see your pillowcases! I'm feeling an itch to make more. Any chance I can bribe you to find more of that sewing machine and thread fabric? I would love love love some of that! I also love that you used the A Team quote. I was SO going to use that for my next blog post, but you beat me to it! LOL

  2. Um, can I just agree with Bonnie here and beg for some sewing machine and thread fabric? I'm so glad you're joining Stashtacular! Kelly and Stephanie will be thrilled too! Your perle cotton is lovely and I'm tempted to buy some for my first really big will be a secret for now... I heart the urban chicks fabric too, and I can't decide either. :)

  3. I love your fabric additions! All gorgeous, look forward to seeing the pillowcases : )


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