Friday, July 6, 2012

Everyone needs an Emergency Ash Stash

Remember my complaining, astonishment, and disappointment when I ran out of Kona Ash

Well I got some awesome bee blocks from Mary and low and behold I now have an Emergency Ash Stash. And a rocking zipper bag to hold it.  Whoop!

Bag from Mary

Well it was holding the Emergency Ash Stash but now it's my everyday summer bag. Perfect in everyway - zipper pull, handle, quilting, and color. Oh and look it the perfect size to hold my wallet {I got from Jovanna for Christmas}, keys and phone.

My friends know me!
Bag from Mary and wallet from Jovanna

Go check out Mary's hilarious post with her and her hubby talking about crafting supplies.
As a note, my fella said he's never sounded "this bad". . . bahaha!

I love how some people are living similar lives across the country, even across the world.

Thank you Mary!!
I ♥ my zipper bag, goodies and the prized Emergency Ash Stash

Bag from Mary on Daisies

Gotta love a bag with Daisies. . okay maybe it's just me.  


  1. You do have great friends :) And daisies work for everything lol :)

  2. Great post! The title is perfect. Super cute bag too - what fun! :)

  3. Daisies are my favourite flowers and that bag is gorgeous! :)

  4. Ahhhh! Love the picture with the daisies! So glad this was perfect for you.

  5. That is gorgeous! I have an emergency kona white stash :)

  6. I love the idea of having a special ash stash. Too funny!


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