Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Officially Orange Free

This is my busy summer life! 
Well the few weeks of it anyways.

Not a ton of stitching going on with family visits and a Girl Scout trip coming up 2 adult and 5 pre-teens.  I'm smiling a lot these days!

I do have a few bee's and many of them ending.  This wonky house block is the last block for the talented group of ladies in Orange you Glad.

Orange you Glad - July '12

I stitched this up for ladybug4785. A wonky Oregon cabin in the mountains - on the east side of the state with very few trees but lots of ground cover.  Not sure why they created an orange cabin in the middle of this country but it's cute, it has 'character'. 

I have to say that the clouds turned out pretty cool and I didn't even plan it that way.  I actually was very pleased with the top part of this as it's the first time I could execute this without lots of fabric waste (or bring out the seam ripper).

I'm hoping this may be my last house block for a long time. I'm not really a house block kinda person.  Le'sigh.


So this bee is DONE!

I'm sad to say goodbye to these ladies as they talk a LOT.  I like that.  I don't always join in but it's fun to catch up with their conversations every once and awhile.  While they aren't my group it still felt as if I was part of it.  Oh the joys of sewing with others.

I'm off to calm myself down before the Girl Scout trip. . .

Hope that everyone is doing well!


  1. The house came out really well with the background fabrics! Enjoy your camp :o)

  2. Girl scout trip?!? Good luck and have fun! The block looks really great and I'm not really a house person either :)


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