Saturday, July 7, 2012

Help me Chelsea!

pins & bobbins

I'm bad, no really I'm bad! 

Remember these fabrics?  Back here.

Yeah remember this QAL that I joined? 
pins & bobbins

I blogged about it here.

It wasn't until Chelsea opened this giveaway that I got this finished TODAY.

Made in Cherry QAL top DONE

I happily dug this out as I had everything cut out so I just had to stitched away.  I'm super impressed with my piecing skills!  I took the extra time to make sure each block was cut perfectly.  I took the time to iron each block this way or that (thanks mom) so I could nest each seam together.

This is the HUGE size.  I really felt like a kid sewing these blocks together. 

I am SUPER happy I ordered more of the background color. I made the 4 corner square pieces 5" bigger and there is a edge around the whole thing. 

But it's done. . yip yip!
Made in Cherry QAL top

These are the photos that I could get because we're having thunderstorms roll in you know after a day of 90 degree weather.  Ugh is all I can say.  I've been quiet content sitting inside sewing this top together. I'll get better photos once the weather is ready for me to take some photos. :)

I'm happy to see some of my favorite fabrics come together. Finishing quilt tops isn't that scary after all!  


  1. Hello fantastic!!! It turned out so beautifully!!!

  2. Oh, wow! Is it going on a bed? It's absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Ooooh, like it. Lovely how the subdued colours still pop! Well done on the great piecing!

  4. This looks huge! It would look great on a bed, so you can see the whole star.

  5. The colors you used are so it!

  6. Heh, gotta love a good incentive to get things done ;o) Good luck!

  7. I love how this turned out, and I actually have the perfect dusty plum colour to quilt it with!

  8. This sure is pretty....nice job. Can't wait to see how you finish it. Great job!

  9. i really want to make this quilt! Yours turned out so it!
    from another Oregonian! ~karen


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