Saturday, October 13, 2012

Building a Foundation

Strip Quilters
My lovely group of Strip Quilters are ladies I've sewn with in previously through other flickr groups.

More about these strippers I talked previously about here
I'm so excited to sew with them again!

Each of us are using our stash fabrics to create a block within usually general guidelines.

My row should include one triangle per block.  That's as much guidance as I provided.  Muahahaha
Stripper ideas

I pondered my foundation row for weeks!

I even started a journal to jot some of my ideas down. 

My journal is quickly replacing the rotating 15 + sticky notes I have floating around (which sometimes get lost).

These poor ladies!!
My obsession with triangles just continues on! I've requested triangles for ohhhhh the last 3 online bee's. Some of my strippers have previously been subjected to my !

This is the foundation row I came up with.

Strip Quilting - foundation row

It's remarkably close to the notebook above. . no really!

But I cheated!  Some of these blocks are from the lovely ladies from {Sew Bee It} that ended in July 2012.

Not only was I running late but the blocks were remarkably similar to what I wanted!  So ta-da!

Special thanks to:

Corrie of Thread Girl Designs for her block
Sarah of Bluprint Textiles for her block
Mary of Fairly Merry for her block 

I'll blog about the center block and the other block I made in a few days.

Make sure to keep tabs on what we are doing by checking out our photos over here

Until then, happy sewing!

Strip Quilters Button {and blog headers and titles} images created by Kristin Holt Photography Copyright © 2002-2012 Modjeska Designs. All Rights Reserved.


  1. These blocks are so lovely together! The color palette is very pretty too. :)

  2. And it's mine, all mine! Muhahahaha! Ok...not really but I do get to play with it first :)


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