Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Luckiest girl in the world

Sometimes I do feel like the luckiest girl in the world! 

This year I was in time to order directly from Heather Ross for her Studio Sale.

I'm  in love with HR fabrics but also all my perceptions I have of her including how generous she seems to be with complete strangers.

Well let me tell you.. I hit the jackpot with my Studio Sale purchase! How this meager envelope could contain pieces that seemed to be picked out just with me in mind.

HR Studio Sale 2012 - Fabrics

I received 2 generous cuts of Mendocino prints that I did not have. I adore the skin color of these lovely mermaids.

I also received a generous cut of Denyse Schmidt - Gold Seeds from the first run of Flea Market Fancy. You know the one that wasn't re-printed.  EEEP!

I'm seriously in love with Heather!  She not only can share not only her work but another artists!  This package has made me more than happy!

While showing my fella my jackpot winnings. . I gleefully put the fabrics back in the envelope (thankfully) and I saw there was another sealed package inside the package. . what!!! there is a PRINT in my package too! I'm in total awe how much I got with my small package.

HR Studio Sale 2012 - Loot

I'm more than pleased with my studio sale package. Worth WAY more than what I paid!
As a note, there have been a lot of negative feedback on the flickr group about this sale. I know that some people have been put off by the timing of the shipment of their packages. But would they really bash Heather Ross in real life - I'm completely shocked with some of these comments!

I realize that life is sometimes always busy. I've been around artists who put so much into their work, and wants to to personalize as much as they can.

Kudos to Heather! She did a smashing job with my package and I'm so happy to participate this year.


  1. I was totally excited and happy with my package too! I actually liked the long wait, because then I forgot all about it and it felt like a fun surprise in the mail. :)

  2. A lot of what was sent seems to be spoonflower fabric or current prints - which doesn't really add up for what some people paid.

    I agree tho - if you are going to do a blind purchase from someone's non-descriptive "studio sale" and they never mention "only older out of print hard to find fabric will be sent!!" then you should be open to whatever you get and keep the negativity to yourself or offer constructive comments privately. I was shocked too by some of the bashing that is going on. :0/

  3. Oh I'm so excited to see what you got! I totally agree with what you said. I didn't even know this existed, and was shocked how people could be unappreciative. I'd love to get in on this, and people who did should love what they got or send it to me!!

    p.s. what a great print in addition to awesome fabrics!! I think it's so nice that designers even have studio sales so, it was refreshing to hear how much you liked your package!

  4. Very nice!! They're all so pretty!!

  5. I am one of the people that are unhappy with their boxes. The entire reason that I was unhappy with my package had nothing to do with the wait, it was that it was totally not personalized, not to mention the fact that I don't' think I even got the retail value of goods for what I paid. I didn't even get one of those thank you notes. I am a devoted HR fan, but I kind of bristle at the idea that because people are being honest about their feelings they are being unappreciative or "bashing" Heather. I am fully aware that these boxes were prepared at Heather's discretion, which, to me, makes it kind of inappropriate for me to complain directly to her. I paid for a grab bag, and thats what I got. I gave her money and left it up to her to decide what my box should include. But I don't have to be happy with the results. I absolutely said that my expectations were set too high, but that was because we were constantly being told that things were being delayed because she was adding all these "extras" to the packages to make them extra special. There were plenty of people that got wonderful boxes with things worth more than they paid for... original artwork, handmade clothing, out of print FMF fabric... but there were also lots of packages that were nothing like that....it was very inconsistent. I am DELIGHTED that you and others are happy with their shipments, but I am not a jerk for feeling let down about mine. The flickr group should be where people can go and talk about this, even just to vent. It made me feel like I WASN'T a jerk for the way I was feeling because it happened to so many other people. We all love Heather Ross, she is an amazing designer and sweet person, and I don't feel like anything that was said diminishes that.

    1. Heather. . . I can't respond back to you as you are a no-reply blogger and there is no way to contact you on your blogger profile.

      One of the things that I felt from people on flickr is that it was negativity right from the start. For those people I think it would be better to talk directly to HR. She may also try to make it better or give you reasons. We are all human. And you are right we need those places to vent, and I hope that you are able to find someway to feel better - even if it's not to order directly from her again.

  6. I think people forget that blind buying a grab bag, you'll get things you may not like and I am confused about the "personalization" part. Was there a promise of something? I am not a fan of HR, but glad your chances turned out well.

  7. I tried to post from my gmail email account, I don't think I have a blogger acct. Weird. Thank you for your response. I do feel better about it having posted on flickr... just got it off my chest and am ready to move on. I think in the future I will stick to 25 dollar boxes, its a lot easier to be satisfied when you don't put too much into it. It was my first studio sale so I spent 275 dollars, pretty much my entire fabric budget for the rest of the year, so I was a bit more wrapped up in it than I should have been.

  8. Congratulations!!! Your post reminds me to be really thankful tonight. I have not seen these fabrics in this color tone....love it! I only have some in the gold/yellows...fun stuff!!

  9. I love, love, love that print she sent! so cute! and of course the DS fabric is awesome!!!

    -love Lou

  10. They are just beautiful.Happy sewing!!


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