Monday, October 15, 2012

Hoopie love in action

Better late than never. . right! This is what I keep telling myself. 
Oh there is a lot more of this gonna come around!

Can you see this lovely hoopie!?  There are other items that came in my awesome package but they are being used or maybe a little MIA.

la la la la

Seriously there are many (better) photos by the lovely lady that made me this.

Em over at Sewing by Moonlight posted about her mad talents making this hoopie at this blog post
Bee a {modern} Swapper hoopie

By the way, this is the hoopie's temporary location.  I do plan on moving it somewhere near eye level.

I'm just pretty proud of myself that it has a temporary location (and snapped a crappy photo)!  And it won't be lost in the mess I call a sewing room!

Lately the sewing routine has been as follows:

walk in to my sewing room,
look around,
turn around,
close the door with a heavy sigh.
I'm at least thankful there is a door to hide the mess! 

It's nice to have loved things in the disaster area - it helps me want to clean said area.

Go give Em some loving for being such a great swappie partner.
Psst . .  
She has a grand opening going on. . and a little giveaway.

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