Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baby you've come a long way

When I first started quilting I couldn't get enough of orange.  
It was kind of annoying really.  
It seemed as if every fabric I bought or wanted to buy was orange, orange, orange.  

Well I've embraced change and right now it's yellow - but that's besides the point.

I gleefully signed up for a swap over here on flickr called Crazy Nine Patch Orange-Style

So I went to my orange stash and was pretty much shocked.  I barely have enough large pieces of orange fabric left.  I barely squeezed out these 9 blocks with my orange fabric.  

Crazy nine patch orange-style

I am pretty proud that I've not continued to stash without using up these lovely fabrics.
I'm also happy I had enough for these fun blocks.

If you wanted to join in these blocks are super fast and fun.
The deadline is the end of this month.


  1. I'm more of a pink girl but always go 'ooh' or 'aaah' when I see orange and yellow - this is bright and cheery - just what the eye needs after a grey and dreary day :)

  2. Great wonky blocks! Orange is so pretty, but underused

  3. Well done for eking it out! I really struggle to find good oranges and yellows, probably because I have to buy online, and it's really hard to find lines that have them in it in the first place

  4. I love orange and this is wonderful!

  5. wish I'd seen this earlier! I've loved to join!
    gotta love your oranges!

  6. I am a big orange fan, so love this. I am also rapidly becoming a big Elizabeth Hartman fan - I had not seen this tutorial, thanks for sharing. I land up buying most of my oranges from - but it looks like you found some nice ones here though.

  7. I should do that with my massive amount of purple. :-)

  8. have fun. I like orange too and these blocks are fun to make


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