Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Leaf - Bee Block Blog Hop ~ Building Foundations

How super exciting to be asked to help with the new line 'A New Leaf' an organic line by Daisy Janie.

New Leaf fabrics is they are100% GOTS Certified organic fabrics {you can read more about this here}. 

I have to tell you I've instantly fell in love with this line with the colors but ohhh baby it feels like a cloud.  Wait didn't I already gush about this over here?  Why yes I did.

The blogs that were asked to make blocks had a theme to work from ~ New Leaf
These fabrics helped me for sure.  I wanted to have triangles {as I love them} but also blocks that represent how I've been growing.  It takes a lot for me to learn before I think I can get to the next level. 
And the reality is that where you end up is not always where you wanted to get when you started.  And sometimes it's not perfect but it's still and awesome ride on the way there. 

I wanted to share my block I'm calling Building Foundations
This tutorial creates a block
unfinished 12" x 12"
finished 11.5" x 11.5"


7 pieces of the lovely New Leaf.  I worked from a fat 8th bundle. These do trim down but as you'll see there is some flexibility in the placement.


Top Flying Geese:
Center:  1 ~ 3.75" x 7" 
Edges: 2 ~  3.75" x 7" {general length}
Middle Flying Geese:
Center:  1 ~ 4.5" x 8.5"
Edges: 2 ~  4.5" x 7" {general length}
Bottom Flying Geese: 

Center:  1 ~ 4.75" x 9" 
Edges: 2 ~  4.75" x 7" {general length}


We're making flying geese - with long tails.

The tails point down.  This will give you the length.

I eyeballed the marking of each block as shown below.  

You sew on the line, trim and repeat.

This is where you get to be unique and place these as where ever you choose.  I personally didn't want these to line up straight ~ but it's your choice.

Trim to 12" square and ta-da!

I want to point out to you to the other fantastic people in this blog hop.  Here is a line up of the folks in-case you missed them.

New Leaf Bee Block Blog Hop Schedule
Mon, 1/14 - Becky Moyer, My Fabric Obsession
Tues, 1/15 - Lynn Harris, The Little Red Hen
Wed, 1/16 - Candy Glendening, Candied Fabrics
Thurs, 1/17 - Holly DeGroot, Bijou Lovely
Fri, 1/18 - Melanie Thornton, Melanie Dramatic

Mon, 1/21 - Emily Cier, Carolina Patchworks
Tues, 1/22 - Rachael Gander, Imagine Gnats
Wed, 1/23 - Maureen Cracknell, Maureen Cracknell Handmade
Thurs, 1/24 - Leanne, She Can Quilt
Fri, 1/25 - Cindy Wiens, Live a Colorful Life

Mon 1/28 - Cheryl Arkison, Dining Room Empire
Tues, 1/29 - Jacquie Gering, Tallgrass Prairie Studio
Wed, 1/30 - Shanna Bailey, Fiber of All Sorts {you're here}
Thurs, 1/31 - Jan, Daisy Janie
Oh did you know there is a prize you can win?  It's a puzzle that involves all of us  :)  Go check out Daisy Janie's post here

The FQ Scramble letter is V

Thanks for stopping by and remember the February goal setting party for A Lovely Year of Finishes starts on the first and is open for seven days.  Start to pick your projects.


  1. I've never seen Flying Geese made like this!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. oooh... my mind is racing with possibilities with this type of layout :) super fun block!

  3. Leave it to you to come up with a new way to use the triangle!
    I see so many possibilities with this one.

  4. Awesome block! Congratulations my friend! Crazy talented you are!

  5. Nice block and I like the fact that you can make the offset and the block will still look nice. Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  6. The colours on these are so amazing! I love how you changed it up on the middle one :)

  7. I like Katy's description...that is perfect :D

  8. Hey Shanna! What a clever way to do flying geese, I love the wonky options this way provides! :-)

  9. This is a great fun block, I love it!

  10. Lovely block! I love those fabrics! Quit tempting me!! :D


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