Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Leaf - Bee Block Blog Hop

As a child my mother subjected me to fabric stores.  Oh the many HOURS could she spend in just one store {insert kid & teen eye roll here} The only thing that seemed to make the time go by is that I could feel the fabric.  Ohhh pretty fabric.  

When I go into fabric shops today I still want to run my fingers across all the bolts of fabric to feel them.  If it feels extra nice or out of the ordinary I stop and ponder if really "need" this! I so usually do!   

I was over the moon when Jan from Daisy Janie asked me to participate in a bee block blog hop for her new line, New Leaf.  I've drooled over her fabrics and used her awesome tutorial for a gifty way back in 2010!

When some of the New Leaf  fabrics arrived in my mail box all I could do is DROOL!  This fabric felt like a cloud in the best dream you've ever had.  I'm so happy to have a little of this in my possession.

Let me tell you the colors and the feel of this fabric would make me stop in my tracks and make me debate long and hard how much of each of these fabrics I "need".

So, the beauty is the New Leaf fabrics is they are100% GOTS Certified organic fabrics {you can read more about this here}.  I'm hooked on saving the environment and if I can have fabric that feels like a dream I'll jump on that ship too!

You'll see what block I'm making for this hop at the end of this month.  But do go check out the rest of the participants and the amazing blocks they've created. 

New Leaf Bee Block Blog Hop Schedule
Mon, 1/14 - Becky, My Fabric Obsession
Tues, 1/15 - Lynn, The Little Red Hen
Wed, 1/16 - Candy, Candied Fabrics
Thurs, 1/17 - Holly, Bijou Lovely
Fri, 1/18 - Melanie, Melanie Dramatic

Mon, 1/21 - Emily, Carolina Patchworks
Tues, 1/22 - Rachael, Imagine Gnats
Wed, 1/23 - Maureen Cracknell, Maureen Cracknell Handmade
Thurs, 1/24 - Leanne, She Can Quilt
Fri, 1/25 - Cindy, Live a Colorful Life

Mon 1/28 - Cheryl, Dining Room Empire
Tues, 1/29 - Jacquie, Tallgrass Prairie Studio
Wed, 1/30 - Shanna, Fiber of All Sorts
Thurs, 1/31 - Katy Jones, Monkey Do

See you soon!


  1. How wonderful! I can't wait to see your block!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! I have some touchy feely issues with some fabrics, and when I was younger my mum would deliberately touch clothes and things when walking through clothing departments at shops so I would touch them too, just to watch me leap about 10 ft back from them. I had a mean mum ;o)

  3. Can't wait to see what you make!!!


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