Monday, May 20, 2013

Pincusion Swap - Sent and Received

I've been so good! 
I've avoided bee's ... to stay away from distractions.

Then KA-POW a few fantastic swaps just became irresistible!

I joined in a facebook swap because of an enabler - she's evil by the way!

The task was fantastic to make a pin cushion. 
I so could do this. 

I made this cute little pin cushion. 

Perfect for when I did my wonky star tutorial

Sew Swap Share - Feb 2013 ~ Front

I adored how nice and simple it is.
I even got some hand stitching in here. . . tada!
Filled with crushed walnut seeds.

Sew Swap Share - Feb 2013 ~ Back

It's reminded me that my own skills have grown leaps and bounds in the last few years.
I could never work on something this small before - it's all about learning! 


In return during the same swap, I received an amazing package I got from
She talked a little about her work on my pin cushions  here and here
{yes way back in February and March}

Sew, Share, Swap ~ Received package

I'm super spoiled!

Sew, Share, Swap ~ pinny

I love triangles and CeLynn was spot on with this lovely package.

So fun to swap with such great people! ♥

Sometimes distractions is just what I need to get more done.



  1. Looks like a fun wee swap! I've been mostly sticking my head in the sand on them this year, desperately trying to get other stuff I need to do done!

  2. I love the idea of a pin cushion swap, I'm going to have to keep an eye out for another one!

  3. Such a cute little wonky star pincushion!!!

  4. I'm not evil :) an enabler for sure though! Lol

  5. So Glad you liked them Shanna :) Have to agree with Melissa,she is too sweet to be evil! Mischievous,probably ;)

  6. Your pin cushion is so adorable!


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