Saturday, May 11, 2013

Turn-it-All product review

Circular life baby!

So this is were it starts...

So I'm over on Instagram and I just happened to stumble on #isewphotochallenge from some of the fantastic people I follow.

Searching this hastag I find super bizarre tools and many other people that I was not following but obviously should be {which I am now}

Later on, while my meander my way as I enter Sew, Mama, Sew giveaways for myself, I found the wonderful Pattern Crush

She's the one running the #isewphotochallenge - wow!

So I decided to jump right in starting on May 8 - Most bizarre tool. Here's what I picked.

#isewphotochallenge ~ May 8

Why you ask..

I was having such a hard time turning some straps for my 'go anywhere bag' as I added some extra interfacing. I spent about 30 minutes trying to turn them and only had 1.5" turned.  My hands hurt!  It was so painful.  I can totally sympathize with anyone with joint issues trying to do this craft.

I remembering watching some video of this sometime back.  I remember thinking to myself 'who needs that!?'  Sadly, I did in this moment! 

I went to my trusty Amazon and found the Turn-it-All. I went and ordered this on-line. Thanks to my mommy giving me Amazon Prime I got it in 2 days! 

I took my strap, you remember the one that I had already spent already 30 minutes on, and undid the whole 1.5" that I already turned.  I was hoping this really was going to work!  I put some basting stitches one end so I could push against something, placed the tube inside and then with the other poker turned this beauty right-side out in 15 seconds flat. 
Really 15 seconds! 

I almost cried! 

I did the same thing with the other strap and DONE!

Why again did I not buy this earlier? 

I highly recommend this product or something like it.  It really is the best under $10 item I have in my sewing arsenal at the moment!

*As an FYI ~ I put my Instagram account on private as there was some crazy spam going around and well I don't really want everyone to see my photos.  Just request an add and if you have quilty related things I'll  approve your request*


  1. Hmm, sounds somewhat quicker and less destructive than the forceps I use!

  2. i shall remember the tub trick you describe ... i think it can be used with any tube and will give it a try. great idea!

  3. I'm with you there girl, my fingers feels like I pulled it away from the nail trying to make my moms gift I finally gave in and went to Joann for some advice and got a similar tool.

  4. That really is the worst of all jobs.
    How fab to have found a thingumyjig to do it so quickly.


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