Friday, February 7, 2014

Apples of Joy - a quilt

It really does take me years to get around to some of these things.

I made up this lovely quilt from a charm pack way back in {cough} Dec, 2011

Little Apples - quilt top



I used the  tutorial found over with Elizabeth at Don't Call me Betsy 

This top took me a whole few hours from start to finish.  Then it waited...

and waited...


and waited.

But it wasn't until earlier this month when I posted about my FAL projects and went ah-ha.  

Of course I didn't use this ON my FAL project lists.
Pfft whatever!  

It only took me, at most, 1 hour to free motion quilt the meander pattern.  I just have to do more to be comfortable.

I brought this beauty along during my girls weekend to the Washington (state) coast trip.

A finish!  TaDa!

Little apples quilt done and done. It's been instantly being claimed by a gf for her littlest one ♡♡♡♡♡

Quilt Stats:
Name: Apples of Joy
Size: approx. 32" x 32"
Fabrics:  Little Apples charm pack and Kona white
Pattern:  Sweet Girlie Charm Square Quilt tutorial by Elizabeth @ Don't Call me Betsy
Quilting: Machine quilted by me on my Pfaff Performance 2058
Started : December 2011
Completed: January 2014 

And it was instantly snatched up by my bff.  Her youngest daughter is waiting for her knitted blanket so she totally needed this to keep her at bay.  Totally! 

It's a fun finish.

Now if I'll just baste some quilts, I'll just be cranking these puppies out.


  1. Very cute...glad you got it finished up! Where did you get your little labels for your quilts from?

  2. Yay finishes! Glad it was snapped up for a grateful recipient too :o)

  3. I love this line, it's so cute. I had a jelly roll of it that I started making into something, but it's stashed away somewhere and I hate looking at it because it's one of the first things I ever made so the seams are terrible lol! I feel bad because I really do adore the line. I'm thinking of one day pulling apart the rows back to individual blocks so I can at least make some potholders or something else useful out of them! DOn't want it to go to waste!


  4. I love those fabrics and fun design! It must be nice to have it on the finished list.


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