Saturday, February 15, 2014

February - A Lovely Year of Finishes Participant Highlight - Karen at Capitola Quilter

Eeep middle of February.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

Melissa and I hope that everyone is safe with the variety of weather happening around the world.


Super excited to remind everyone to work on their goals - uhhh ME!  


We also want to thank our sponsors this month.


This month our participate highlight is the positive & uber creative Karen!

Photos provided from - photo from CapitolaQuilter - thanks for sharing

Blog name: CapitolaQuilter - secondhandscraps
Name you’re known by throughout quilting world: CapitolaQuilter (Karen)

What's your ALYoF goal this month: The Lotus Tile Pillow made from the quilt block that I started in a needle turn applique workshop with Bobbi Finley.   
 Lotus Tile Pillow
How do you approach your sewing goals? With complete chaos and plenty of guilt.  I am constantly discovering new projects I want to make but have countless projects already started.

How do you organize/prioritize your projects? Bundled in UFO buckets and some smaller containers. It’s better than before I reorganized my sewing room.  Boarding my fabric and sorting my scraps made a huge difference but there is still a lot of digging and clutter.  Prioritizing is almost always deadline based.

What is your current favorite project that you are working on? Will you share pictures with us? A few months ago I joined a small group the Fabric Hounds and just finished FMQing and binding a quilt to be auctioned at an upcoming quilt show.  This collaborative creation is called “Pup Art”.  We meet in Capitola so I thought it was fitting to take it for a photo shoot with the colorful backdrop of Venetian Court.

What is your dream project to work on? Something special made with Liberty of London.

What is your favorite time of day to sew? When I can devote a nice chunk of time uninterrupted - I especially love to get that second wind and stay up all night (or at least until 2am) like at a Retreat.  

What is your favorite quilting/sewing accessory? My Baby Lock Symphony sewing machine.  I have a newfound appreciation for the features that let me be lazy and also the intuitive touchscreen.

What is your number one quilting/sewing goal for 2014? To attend as many local workshops as I can and to sew from stash so I can save up enough to attend QuiltCon 2015.

What is one technique you really want to learn? Straight stitch quilting using my walking foot and eventually work my way to matchstick quilting or what I like to call toothpick quilting (because really - it’s THAT thin!)  I also want to try the FMQ sketched applique technique like the Doodle Dragon made by my friend Anne @ PlayCrafts.


Thank you so much Karen for joining us today! 

Keep up the great work on your one goal for this month - you can do it! 

The finishes link-up starts the last 7 days of the month and will end before the month is over.  


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