Monday, February 17, 2014

Modern Quilt Guild - Riley Blake Challenge

Super excited to show off my Riley Blake Challenge finish.

Quilt Stats:
Name: RB in MQG
Size: approx. 19.5" x 19.5"
Fabrics:  MQG Riley Blake challenge fabrics, kona solids, & Kona white
Pattern:  None, inspiration from Instagram.
Quilting: Machine quilted by me on my Pfaff Performance 2058
Started : February 2014
Completed: February 2014 

And now the story...

I got these lovely fabrics as I'm an individual member of the MQG.  

#mqgrileyblakechallenge  fabrics in the house. Can't wait to get started thanks @themqg

So I have been pondering for months!  Oh dear since October!!

I tried this block with some solids earlier this month and was happy but not enough to go forward with a larger project.  

I should be doing anything else!

Then I just jumped and make this wall hanging.

#mqgrileyblakechallenge I'll finish this up quickly ... if only my machines let me. Faceplate missing on one the other is missing important feet.

That's right . . I started yesterday!  Ugh!

Well first I misplaced my Pfaff face-plate for anything other than straight stitch, and then I found that my other machine I have set up .. is missing some feet. Important feet I may tell you.  Still all missing by the way. But I got it. . it's all good.  I basted this beauty and let it sit for today.

And then. . the cat!  Oh the cat.  

My cats idea of helping....

Apparently he thinks that Washington's birthday means he gets all the attention.  At one point I had in in my lap while I was stitching.  

HOURS I fought with the cat but finally got down to binding.

In the home stretch!  #mqgrileyblakechallenge

And now...

A wall hanging

I'm super proud of my growth with my FMQ.  It's so perfect in my eyes.

A finish means I get to go shower.  


Happy Monday


And this was part of my FAL Q1 goals

Finish Along 2014



  1. Beautiful! Love the long arm and the yellow!
    Love your label! :D

  2. It is so stunning! I love it! Congratulations!!!

  3. Looks awesome! Where did you get your labels? I think I'm ready to order some for myself.

    1. I got them from Tags to Go on Etsy. I also requested them with 3/8" seam allowance on both sides just for quilt + binding

  4. Of course you need to shower, you have to wash the cat off ;o)

    Love the finish though, well done :o)

  5. Yea for finishes. I'm down to the wire too.

  6. Great job. I love the design you chose.

  7. Last minute is when we get our best work accomplished. I am glad you were able to work around your missing presser foot. Your quilt turns out great.

  8. It's fantastic! I didn't love all of the fabrics in the challenge. I think we may have the same favorites. :)

  9. Your cat is too much! :) What is it about cats and quilts? Mine won't leave me alone when I am quilting either. You did a fantastic job on your quilting, especially with all the help you got from Mr. Kitty.


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