Sunday, March 27, 2011

April - Aqua & Orange Bee Block
Yep another on-line bee.  I might be addicted. 

Is it April already?  On Friday, I received my fabric from out queen bee Mama Missa.  On Saturday, I started and finished these lovely things.  I just have to say that it's nice that someone has exactly the same color combination's as I do. . oh wait I have now 11 others that do!  Yeah. 

Go check out the Aqua & Orange Bee creations over on Flickr

 There was barely enough fabric to finish these.  I got through with this one with cute edges.

This one I was having super hard times with. . . so I broke into my own stash (new fabric on the right people) 

I must say I really like these wonky log cabins from Quilt Dad

It's the time of the wonk I'm telling ya. That makes it "modern" haha


  1. Thanks for making these blocks for me. I like the orange you added. I just realized forgot to send out the white I had set aside for these. Sorry about that!

  2. I Love this colour combination and yes your right - The "wonk" makes them modern! :)

  3. Oooo, orange and blue? I love that color combo!

  4. These turned out really nice. I'm glad I can see you in action making these. :-)


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