Friday, March 25, 2011

Wonky aka March - Threadheads bee block

Okay again something new.  I suppose that's what I'm in for while being a 'new' quilter.  I do get to try out all of these new techniques on a small scale.

Today I'll be featuring the wonky star for Beach_Pam with some precious Jamaican fabric.  I'm {again} near the end of the month and she has an awesome photo of these so far.  Seriously this is cute when all of these stars are together.  

 We used the great tutorial you can follow at The Silly BooDilly. I tried this out a few times on scraps and found that you can't just be SO willy-nilly.  I have to think a bit.  I got through! {A few seams to rip-out and re-sew but ya know}  Here are my two stars for Beach_Pam.

If you're interested see what the other Threadheads are up to at the Flickr site.  Just click on the photo below.

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  1. Love them! Awonky star quilt will hopefully be in my future sometime soon...


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