Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March - Twice as Nice bee

Yeah! It's the second month in my Twice as Nice bee.  What creativity these gals have.  I'm just so excited.  I'm not even thinking about what I'll ask during my month.  Oh that may be a smidge stressful for me.

This month is for terrikuns who is super talented. She wanted blocks of framed squares, starting with a center square from Moda's Make Life. I didn't see how awesome this line was until being introduced.  There are so many reasons I'm stepping outside my comfort zone and joining the quilting community within flickr. If I can live through them. . that will be awesome.

So here are my two blocks. It was the most fun exploring my own stash.  I've been gathering some pretty sweet fabric all this year.  I'm thinking I need to slow myself down now.  That is after I hoard myself some Sherbet Pips.

There are a few more bee blocks in my near future! Oh and I'm having a quilting day with my bestie this weekend.

This on is my fav!  Love it! {I won't tell you how much fabric I had to cut into to get the lines to match .. le'sigh}

More soon

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  1. Hey Bestie! Why were you lining up the lines on the fabric? Do you have a controlling issue? ha ha ha ha!


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