Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yes, I have a mirror gene

Do you know about the mirror gene theory?  Getting so into things just by watching it.  I so experience it often as an adult.  I am way into my teams {football}. I bond with my girlfriends while they are telling stories.  And I can't watch many horror movies {my fella hates this}. 

 Soooooo, I've been following Modern Madness on Fat Quarterly and have felt the joy of my favorite fabrics winning.  Until tonight's post from Fat Quarterly. [Sniff sniff]

Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey was crushed  defeated by Bliss by Bonnie & Camille.  Nothing against Bliss, I think I few pieces in my stash.  {If I don't I know that I've picked it up a few times in my LQS.}  But my precious Pips lost.

No matter!  I'll be picking up yardage of Sherbet Pips when it comes out in yardage in a few days/weeks.  YEAH! Picking up yardage will add to the winnings I got this last winter from Traci at Stolen Moments. BTW she's having another yummy giveaway right now.  {I don't even get another entry by saying this}

I'll be visiting a few LQS's in Bend, Oregon next week and I'll hope that two of the shops may have some Pips for me to purchase.  If not I have a few web shops that will be seeing a few of my dollars soon.

Well at least in the Modern Madness my Central Park by Kate Spain is still holding strong.  I do have a lot of this yardage and pre-cuts of Central Park just waiting to be made into something.

Okay. . makes me feel better just to say I LOVE Sherbet Pips!


  1. Here's to you finding some Pips next week!

  2. I was sad the Pips lost too! I'm excited for the yardage too.


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