Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sawtooth Stars - fixed

Blogging has not only inspired me to make way more than I ever imagined but also it saves me from my own mistakes!

Somehow when I'm so close to my sewing I can't see the obvious blunders.

Say for the Sawtooth Star for the Curve it Up Quilt Along (QAL) {blocks so far listed on the left}

I was gleefully putting them into a blog post and DOH - I finally "saw" I put it together wrong. Yeah I placed the corners way wrong.  It's taken me a week to rip these out and zip them back together.

Curve it Up QAL- Sawtooth Star Block 1

So, here they are finally fixed up.

Curve it Up QAL- Sawtooth Star Block 2

They really are lovely blocks!

I'm in love with the Quick Curved Ruler

Thanks to everyone so far that has entered my giveaway {now closed} sponsored by Julie at the Intrepid Thread.  

I'm planning on pouring over all the suggestions of new quilt or sewing ideas.  There have been a few that I've totally missed - until now

Have a great rest of the weekend.  And make sure to come back tomorrow!  I'm planning on putting something up special for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway week.


  1. You blocks look so great! I can't to see your finished quilt!

  2. Really really pretty blocks! I love how the print in the center squares of the first block alternate direction. For some reason that really caught my eye :)

  3. They look great, looking forward to seeing the whole thing when it's done

  4. Gorgeous colors! I am so intimidated by those curves!


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