Thursday, December 27, 2012

While the teen is gone I'm just sewing away

My step-daughter is gone for a week and I'm taking full advantage of the kitchen table and time to sew.  Who needs to have full blown meals at a table!

In preparation of the 2013 ~ A Lovely Year of Finishes being co-hosted by Melissa and myself, I'm starting to dig through my piles of blocks. 

Some of the lovely ladies in the flickr group have actually counted their Works in Progress (WIP).  That feels just like a guilt-trip, I may do that at the beginning of the year. Sigh!

I have been slowly organizing and taking inventory of all I have just to know what I could finish this next year. I found blocks from my Sew.Happy.Quilt Quilt Along with Jenna over at Sew Happy Geek.  

Don't judge if you see the date of this QAL as this isn't my oldest WIP!

Here's a peek of what I'm making it into! 

I'm growing little by little beyond white sashing.
The center is a block from Happy Quilting where Melissa is doing a QAL just on this block in 2013. 
I loved the idea I had to make one just for my quilt top!
Love it.

So two QAL's = 1 quilt top for me

I'll share when I finish this up - I'm thinking sooner than later! 


  1. This is really turning out beautiful. I do love all those white areas. Very fun.

  2. I just love the colours you chose. Jenna's was my first QAL and the largest quilt I've made to date.

  3. Yay for playing, have fun! I've got another day and a half or so of cleaning before I can play, but then I'm not back to work til the 7th

  4. Thank you for posting that block from Melissa.... I had "lost" it and couldn't find the link... and I want to make a quilt for my friend with it....

    Oh and I'm joining your year of Finishes as I need to finish some projects!!! 15 quilting/home decor plus some uncounted sewing ones



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