Friday, December 14, 2012

Stripping with a punch

Being part of a strip club is everything that I've hoped for!
Strip Quilters

I am being pushed beyond my comfort level to make more than just one block in one month.
I have to make 5 blocks in two months. SO much better - le'sigh!

But it does rock, I make an entire ROW in colors I'm not used to working with, for someone that I totally admire and adore.

This is officially the first row that I had to create for someone else and there are four more rounds to go - eeep!

The first stripper I got to strip for is Shelley.  She doesn't have a blog but she posts some of her projects on her flickr photostream. I've had the privilege to sew with Shelley because her friend Mary keeps dragging her into these groups.  I have to admit that Mary is an enabler!  I'm lucky I don't live near her {although I would adore it}

Shelley's stripper block

I made the top row from Shelley's inspirational foundation row on the bottom.

Shelley asked for whatever hit my fancy in her 'punchy' color choices.
She wanted black with punches of color fuchsia, orange, red, magenta, purple, and a splash of limey green or grey.  Ohhh okay!

Since I'm totally in love with the Quick Curved Ruler . . . I used it for every block but the center.  But as you can see even that is a circle - yeah baby!

I'll talk a little in depth about some of these blocks in later posts. . . when I'm dying trying to figure out my next row for Mary - sigh.

Go check out the other strippers and their first row progress can be found at our flickr group or on some of these blogs:

Strip on ladies!


  1. Your first strip looks amazing. Go you!! I love the punchy colors =D I still need to check out the tutorials on the quick curve ruler, but it's on my to-do.

  2. Your row is fantastic! I don't know how I am going to follow up that one!

  3. Great job on your first strip! We're coming to the end of our round robin one, but ours is a complete secret, so no idea what the end result will look like...


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