Sunday, December 30, 2012

The 100 Day Hustle - Final Review

Well we've come to the end!  Kelsey Sew's 100 day hustle with the earworm 1975 disco song running through my head.

Kelsey Sews

How did I do?
Pre-wash toddler quilt. <31. Knitted baby blanket for my friend - NOPE
I just wasn't inspired.  The bundle of joy is here but her blanket isn't ready.  With this colder weather I so hope it will be something I want to work on soon.

2. Quilt-top for the same friends toddler - YES
Love this finish!
Blogged about here

3. Commission quilt - NOPE
I worked a ton on this and have everything to slap together.  It's just taking longer than I anticipated.  Oh and I need a new rotary blade!

The top is DONE! Yippee!4. Postage Stamp quilt top - YES
This one was amazing to see my quilting growth.. I really have improved!
I've blogged about this here

5. PJ pants for fella - NOPE (kinda)
I made up a pair from a pattern and it just turned out a totally failure! But I now know what I'm going to do. I'll mocking up another pair from some existing pants.  :)  Ahhh learning...what a bugger!

6. Quilt top put together from Block Party beemates - NOPE (kinda)
My lovely beemates made me some amazing blocks are found here {I'm too lazy to make a mosaic or snap a photo}. I sat down and QUICKLY zipped these up.  But a 60"x60" isn't what I'll be happy with.  Sooooo I have 5 to make on my own to make this the size I want but ohhhh it's dreamy! I'm going to love it and squeeze it and call it my own.  Especially since it's WHITE and it's Echo.  Mine - all MINE.

7. Matching sock to a lone sock - NOPE
Does it count I have been kicking the yarn around on the floor!  Bahaha. 

Here's to the disco hustle song!


Lists like these are awesome for sure.  With only a 29% passing rate I'm going to try something else.
I'm going to have only one finish per month.  Only ONE!

Why not join Melissa and I while we do a month by month finish along for 2013. 

More information on the Lovely Year of Finishes page
or over with Melissa found here.

Make sure to check out our flickr group
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The link-up with one project to start and finish January 1!  Eeep super exciting!
I still have to choose my ONE finish - lalalala


  1. Funny thing about lists like this - you finish other things that weren't on the list! At least that is what I did!

  2. I love your postage stamp quilt. I would love to make one with my overflowing scraps =P I can't wait for a Lovely Year of Finishes!!

  3. LOVE the postage stamp quilt!! Thank you for joining in!

  4. Well done on your finishes! Can't wait to see all 12 of your finishes next year!!!

  5. Congratulations on your completed projects. Love the postage stamp quilt..especially the colors you used :)

  6. Lol, I especially loved the kicking the ball of wool around on the floor ;o)

  7. A postage stamp quilt and end everything else you completed - well done! I love the pstage stamp quilt.

  8. Who needs two socks, you can just keep swapping them over as each foot gets cold!
    I love the idea of one finish a month! So much more achievable for me, as I see a long to do list and then start something else!! I'm off to find something to finish this month.


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