Monday, January 20, 2014

Craftsy Review: Inset & Appliqué Circles by Machine

Super excited to review the craftsy classes I've bought or have in my profile. You can see the summary of classes I've reviewed here, Craftsy Class Review.

In this post, I'll review Inset & Appliqué Circles by Machine
with Cheryl Arkison that blogs over at Dining Room Empire

What I learned - Circles, in many ways. This class gave me the visuals to see how to make circles can be done in many ways.  Throws in a wee bit of math and that was great.  I was happy to see the different ways that you can complete circles and kinda demystifies them.
Teacher - Cheryl Arkison is fun.  There were a few moment where I could tell she was nervous not not terribly.  Cheryl is engaging and knowledgeable with the use of circles.

I did love hearing Cheryl talk as she's from Canada. . ohhh I love you Canadians!
Class Content - this is for multiple ideas for using circles in your small sewing or quilting projects. Cheryl goes through multiple techniques.  This class is an okay addition to a quilters arsenal that wants to work with more than just straight line piecing. The techniques are presented in a clear way.

Rating - This is a  Blah - So So - Like - Love  class.

This is an overall so-so class for me.  I don't use a ton of circles or embellishments in my projects.  Like none.  I can make curves but rarely use straight up circles.  When I do choose to have some circles in my projects, I'm glad I have this class. 

I would recommend this class for any level quilter especially if you are a visual learner.

The quality for the price is okay. Funny enough, I would buy this again if I were having issues with sewing curves or had a specific project with circles or if it were on sale.  I bought it when it was on sale and I was sick and in bed.  I love watching others sew.  This was a great addition to my classrooms.  This class didn't spark any - ohhh I have to do that moments.  I imagine if I am ever of need to add circles to my quilts, I'll be happy I have this to refernce for the visual and teaching.

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  1. Always good to have a review that shows the ups and downs of something. Although I now have The Hockey Song going through my head after the 'she's from Canada' comment lol

  2. Cheryl is lovely in person, she is fun and easy to get along with. I really liked the class, I have taken it too, but the again I make circle a lot.


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